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Every visitor to Colorado Gators has the opportunity to meet, pet, hold, and take pictures with a little alligator!  For $2.00 visitors can buy a bucket of “Gator Chow” to feed the alligators, and occasionally there will be dead fish available to feed to the alligators as well!  We have several large African Sulcata tortoises that wander freely throughout the their own sections of the tour.  Feel free to pet these tortoises, but watch your step, there are several low “tortoise fences” too keep each tortoise in his or her section.  Two of our most popular exhibits are the albino alligators, including Mr. Bo Mangles, and Morris the Hollywood alligator from “Happy Gilmore”.  Some of the other reptiles you can see at Colorado Gators Reptile Park are:  fearsome Nile crocodiles, Burmese pythons, a 17′ reticulated python, anacondas, red tail boas, 3 species of rattlesnakes, monitor lizards, tegus, geckos, iguanas, box turtles, snapping turtles, and caiman.

On many of the habitats you will see alligator paws.gator paw

These paws indicate how suitable of a pet each animal makes.

1 Paw = Not a good pet!

5 Paws = A great Pet!


The tour also includes our working fish farm.  See where our fish are grown out for stocking ponds and aquaponic systems, and for human consumption.
Fishing is FREE with paid admission!  You must have your own equipment.  Tilapia and Catfish are catch and release or $3.00/lb to keep.  If you catch Carp we would like you to feed them to the alligators!