Reptile Handling Class

Earn your “Jr. Handler” certificate!

Pictures Coming Soon!

This class is perfect for those who would like to learn more about reptiles and get more hands on experience with them and for those who are too young to take the gator wrestling class.

During this class you will learn about and handle a variety of snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, and alligators.  You will learn about what these reptiles eat, where they live, how big they can get, whether or not they make good pets, and how to care for the good pet reptiles.  A photographer will take pictures of you with each animal.

The cost for the class is $100 per person.  The cost of the class includes a “Jr Handler” t-shirt with your picture holding one of the reptiles on it.  A flash drive with all of your pictures will be available for $20.  You must be 4 or older to sign up.  The class must be scheduled and paid for in advance.  The cost of the class is not refundable, however, the class can always be rescheduled.  Call 719•378•2612 to schedule your class!