Educational Program

This educational program is recommended for schools, scouts, libraries, churches, and other civic groups.  

We will bring the animals and education to you!  What will we bring?  A small alligator, lizards, small and large snakes, and small and large turtles and tortoises.  Some of the things you will learn about are where the reptiles live naturally, what they eat, in some cases how they eat, and why each of them makes a good pet or a bad pet.  At the end of the program everyone will get to come up and pet some of the reptiles!

The cost for this program is $400 + mileage ($1 per mile one way).

Each additional program is $300.*

*Additional programs must be in the same location and on the same day, otherwise it will be full price.

Coordinate with other schools in your area and split the mileage!