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Get FREE ADMISSION to Colorado Gators!

Wear your Colorado Gators hat or t-shirt to receive FREE admission to Colorado Gators!  Don’t have a Colorado Gators hat or t-shirt?  No problem!  T-shirts and hats are available for purchase in the gift shop, and are now available for purchase over the phone!  Check out the slide shows below to see the hat and t-shirt designs that are available for purchase by credit card over the phone.  Call (719) 378-2612  QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED!  There is no guarantee the t-shirts will be available in your desired size.  Prices do not include taxes or shipping.

ADULT T-SHIRTS AND HAT DESIGNS  scroll down for child t-shirt designs



Are you a Hillbilly? Do you want to WIN $500?

Colorado Gators will be hosting a new competition “Hillbilly Gladiators” on August 30th and 31st.  A $500 prize and a trophy will be awarded to the winning Hillbilly.  Competitions include mudding for duct tape, buckin’ bales, and bucketeer contest.  for more info and to register click here HILLBILLY GLADIATORS COMPETITION Continue Reading


Hello Everyone!  The website suffered some sort of fatal error.  Please bear with me as I rebuild.  Check back often!  In the mean time here is all of our important information: Colorado Gators Reptile Park                                        … Continue Reading